We’re the official and strategic meat-trading
partner for Woolworths Meat Company.

We are honoured to have been selected as the official and strategic trading partner for all Woolworths meat protein products. We acknowledge this partnership has given us the opportunity to increase awareness of our commitment to supplying premium-quality protein products with consistent specifications, worldwide.


We foster long-term, progressive partnerships
across Australia and our strategic export markets.

We work closely with our key business partners across Australia and our strategic export markets to customise a procurement solution that suits your needs. We also maintain a domestic network of service production plants that process and supply your meat proteins. All of our processing facilities practice approved Australian ethical and regulated production standards.


We service our domestic arm through
preferred carrier QMC Logistics.

QMC provides a customised distribution solution for our entire national customer network – all while working at an impressive +97% service level (KPI).


Our export logistics partner, Kotahi,
provides complete freight expertise.

We are proud to offer the best possible freight solutions through our export logistics partner, Kotahi. With advanced skills in procurement, management and optimisation,
Kotahi helps us ensure our products are delivered to worldwide markets effectively –
on every occasion. Our focus on ocean freight – planning, buying and optimising weekly usage – also provides greater efficiency and service enhancements, as does collaborating with others to drive more successful use of the associated rail, road, and port service flow. All of this, establishing a platform for competitive advantage.